Patrick has co-authored two books, written over a dozen scientific publications and has been the fitness and nutrition expert for AskMen.com, the world’s largest on-line’s men’s magazine. He’s also a certified personal trainer and lifestyle consultant, able to provide his clients with comprehensive strategies to achieve optimal health.

Patrick has conducted research in Tibet, Papua New Guinea, and Indigenous Canada. His experiences and experimentations have formed the foundations of his viewpoint on health and the development of chronic disease. They’ve also provided some of the most humorous adventure stories in his repertoire.

Patrick has ample experience talking in front of large groups, providing entertaining anecdotes while explaining complex biochemical pathways. He has presented at scientific conferences, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, church groups, fitness centers, corporate conference rooms, and in one case, a national park. His subject matter is catered to the interests and relevance of the audience and almost always involve animated question periods.

Topics that Patrick has discussed ranged from basic nutrition principles to the origins and evolution of depression. Some of his most popular talks include:

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  • The Evolution and Management of Stress
  • Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight
  • 10 Simple Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet
  • 10 Rules for Increasing Your Energy

Should I try Keto, Vegetarianism, Intermittent Fasting or Paleo?

Evolutionary speaking, it’s difficult to justify diets that are extremely low carb or that completely remove a nutrient-dense food group. However, I understand the confusion and controversy surrounding the field of nutrition and respect a person’s desire to experiment. If you wish to try something that carries a risk of developing nutrient deficiencies or inducing metabolic damage, get in touch with me and I’ll make sure you go about it the safe way.

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