Apart from not being able to take skinfold thickness measurements and blood pressure, everything I do face-to-face can be done via Skype, email and phone. Your percent body fat can be estimated with the circumference of your neck, forearm, wrist, waist, chest and shoulders. All you need is a tape measure and a bathroom scale to know your weight. Wherever you are in the world, don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s take control of your health.
I speak French!  As a bilingual Montrealer, I welcome any francophone who would like to adopt an ancestral approach to health. All my written material is available in French. Appelez-moi aujourd’hui pour en savoir plus!

Just like in the face-to-face sessions, here’s what you get!

  • You get a week’s worth of some of my favorite gluten-free, dairy free, grain-free, soy-free recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinner.
  • You get a portfolio of your baseline measurements and body composition with a detailed explanation of your current health status.
  • You get a 48-page Nutrition Info Booklet that outlines the foundations of functional nutrition and evolutionary health.
  • You get a monthly follow-up email to check in on your progress and to keep you accountable.
  • You get a custom-made strategic plan that encompasses your eating habits, food likes and dislikes, meal frequency, pre- and post-workout nutrition, portion sizes, sleep hygiene, and physical activity patterns.
  • You get a prioritized set of goals that can be implemented one step at a time.

My approach makes sense because it takes into consideration the long evolutionary path we all took to get here.

Achieving optimal health is simple if you understand what your body and mind were designed for.

Get started today and tell me more about yourself!

Fill out the questionnaire  and let’s book a face-to-face session as soon as possible!

I look forward to be part of your wellness journey!

Anywhere in the world

I can work with anyone in the world via email, telephone, and Skype. All I need is your height, weight, waist measurement, and any other information you can provide. I’ll provide all the services I give to face-to-face clients and send all material as a PDF file by email.
For more information, pricing, and to book an appointment, please contact me

How to contact me

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a registered dietician and I’m not a medical doctor

I spent 8 years of my life obtaining a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition at an accredited university and spent a few more on on postdoctoral nutrition research. Yet legally speaking, I’m not allowed to call myself a dietician or a nutritionist. Both terms are protected titles in Québec and require membership to a professionally regulated order. This is to ensure public safety by requiring dieticians and nutritionists to practice ethically and to adhere to the principles of professional practice.
Similarly, I’m not allowed to call myself a doctor in Québec because the title is only reserved for MDs or professionals who are given access to a permit by their order. This is, again, to protect the public from those who may be misconstrued as physicians. I am however, allowed to call myself Patrick Owen, Doctor in Nutrition. But most of my clients simply call me Pat.
What I provide is information that is intended to help you cooperate with your personal physician towards desirable heath outcomes. I don’t adhere to Canada’s Food Guide or the US Food Guide Pyramid but rather rely on evidence-based scientific literature and evolutionary paradigms of health. I listen carefully to your story and provide customized guidance and coaching using a functional ecosystems approach to wellness.
I’d be happy to give you more info if you’d like. Email me at