Health is a balancing act between your genes and your environment

Patrick is a regular contributor to the world’s largest online men’s magazine,

I discuss a variety of topics covering fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and psychological wellness, predominantly through the lens of evolution and functional health.



Face To Face Coaching

Nothing beats a 1-on-1 over a cup of coffee. If you live in the Montreal area, come by and have a chat and let’s discuss everything about health and fitness.  I’ll take the time to listen and do my best to explain the biological, social, psychological and environmental components of whatever you’re trying to deal with

Let’s get you a personalized nutrition and lifestyle gameplan today!


Online Coaching

Just because I can’t shake your hand doesn’t mean I can’t help you out. I just won’t be able to take your measurements myself. All you need is a bathroom scale and a measuring tape and I can figure out the rest. Let’s e-mail, phone or videochat to figure out how I can help.

Whether you’re in another part of the world or would just rather forego the travelling time, let’s connect and start your journey!


Speaking Events

Corporate Wellness and Speaking Events

Invite me to speak at your next event! Choose any topic related to health and lifestyle and I’ll gladly give a professional, inspirational, educational, and passionate presentation.

I offer practical tips and biohacks specific to the audience to help them thrive in life.


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I teamed up with two world-class chefs and provided current scientific research behind some of today’s most popular superfoods. Despite the media hype, some foods do provide added physiological benefits beyond supplying nutrients. The recipes included here are some of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted!

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This fantastic collection of academic papers explores the intersection between foods and medicines in traditional cultures. I wrote chapter 2 based on my research in Tibet. I explore the unique physiological adaptions of Tibetan Highlanders to their high altitude environment and how this could affect their ability to thrive on a diet high in fat and sodium, and low in fruits and vegetables.

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Learn how to identify wild plants and how they were used traditionally as foods and medicines. Their modern pharmaceutical applications, methods of preparation and folkloric significance are also included! Don’t go hiking without this beautiful full-colour field guide from Lone Pine!

This e-book outlines the dietary strategies and science behind my nutrition recommendations. It includes our current understanding of the effects of dietary cholesterol, saturated fats, gluten, dairy, and sugar on health. Included are a week’s worth of wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free and low carb meals! Download it for free!