I am melting right before my eyes!

I am melting right before my eyes! This is incredible. And I’m never even hungry! I do not crave any sugar. Zero! There is chocolate in front of me every single day. I do not touch it. I am also taking my vitamins (D3 with K2, Magnesium and fish oil.) I feel great. Plus I’m very goal oriented. I go full force when im doing something. I want to loose 10 pounds of fat by our next appointment. I’m 146 pounds now. You weighed me in at 152.


I managed to achieve my fat loss goals

A few months ago, I went through a pretty big breakup. I was depressed, eating garbage, and weighed close to 200 pounds. I also suffered from back pain and hip pain, which made my favourite sport of Jiu Jitsu really hard to do. I needed to make a change, so I reached out to Pat, and told him I wanted to get in shape. He helped me plan my diet and exercise routine according to my goals, and after 3 months of following his plan, I’m now in the best shape of my life. I took silver in a recent Jiu Jitsu competition, and my back pain has been nearly eradicated. I’m also walking around at 175 now. Which is awesome. His comprehensive assessments and continuous support made it much easier to stick with this lifestyle. Just wanted to say a thank you to Pat Owen for getting me where I needed to be.



I managed to loose 45 pounds and 12% body fat to date

When I started going to Patrick I was desperate to lose weight. I was training regularly at the gym but eating whatever I wanted. At the time I was working and going to university and no time to take care of me. Patrick created a non-judgmental environment that I felt comfortable tackling my weight problem head on. He doesn’t have a quick fix recipe because one doesn’t exist. It takes hard work and dedication from both you and your nutritionist to reach your goal. Patrick explained to me that when approaching nutrition you have to look at it as a three legged stool to get the whole picture. The first leg represents food, the second sleep, and the third is fitness. He offers guidance and direction on all three of these.
His nutrition plan is tailored to my needs given my current lifestyle. Everyone is different which is why there is no cookie cutter plan for everyone. He stressed eating 4-5 times a day rather than sit down for 3 large meals a day to help keep up my metabolism. Even to this day my nutrition plan changes to help achieve my goals I am striving for.

I never knew how important sleep was until I went to see Patrick. He said if I don’t sleep enough I am sabotaging all my results. Blocking light is one of the keys I learned to sleep well. I even cover the led light on the clock and tv. You may not realize why you are not sleeping but you will know that you are not sleeping. Not sleeping leads to you not recovering properly from the day before and it can also raise your cortisol levels (stress hormone). High cortisol levels lead to fat storage which is counter productive to both muscle gain and weight loss.
Although many of us think fitness makes up the big percentage of our success, in reality it is the smallest portion of the success which before going to see Patrick I learned the hard way. Train as much as you want but don’t sleep and don’t eat properly and don’t expect results.
Patrick’s approach is unique and something I never seen anywhere else. Anywhere else you get a meal plan usually a cookie cutter one for everyone and sent on your way. With Patrick he never gives up, there is always an answer to everything and with you as the client and Patrick you will find the solution for optimal results.

Working with Patrick I managed to loose 45 pounds and 12% body fat to date. Although there is always room for improvement I am extremely proud and grateful for my success.



I’m getting fitter and stronger every day

When I first started training with Pat, I was no stranger to the gym. By then I had put in significant time and effort, but wasn’t seeing the results I was striving for. For someone looking to gain muscle mass, my 6’1, 150(ish) pound frame was a constant source of disappointment! Pat completely changed my approach to fitness and nutrition by clearing up the common misconception that the road to getting fit has to be a restrictive, unpleasant process! I’m happy to report that by applying Pat’s principles on a daily basis, I have managed to put on 40 pounds thus far and can confidently say that I’m getting fitter and stronger every day.


Patrick is the reason I’ll look so good in my dress

I’ve never been what you would call overweight but I, like a lot of women I know, have been trying to lose that infamous “5 pounds” for years. I worked out regularly, and ate what I thought was pretty healthy, but I was unable to shed the extra pounds to get to a size I was happy with. When I got engaged last August, I decided it was time to finally take a new approach and make some serious changes.The problem was, I didn’t know where to start. I’d spend countless hours online reading different opinions on what to eat and new groundbreaking moves for slimmer thighs… but nothing was making any difference.

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I decided to meet with Patrick for my biometric stats and to get an eating plan. It was the best decision I could have made. Looking back to when I started last September, I thought it was just going to be another thing I would try that wouldn’t lead to any results. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I managed to lose close to 12 pounds, 9 of which were fat. I have more energy, I am stronger, I feel better and, most importantly, I am happier. Though it was me who put in the work and made the lifestyle changes, none of it would have been possible without Patrick’s plan, advice and support. Patrick really knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have a quick fix weight loss approach, but instead, teaches you the right habits so you can lead a healthier life and make the right decisions when making food choices, and choosing your workouts. I’ll think of Patrick the day I walk down the aisle; he’s the reason I’ll look so good in my dress.


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