The QUARANTINE ROUTINE: Anti-Anxiety Lifestyle & Nutrition Protocol

Uncertainties and hardships cause an increase in stress that can make a tough time tougher. The COVID-19 quarantine has upset our daily routines and this transition, good or bad, is associated with an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol. When practicing self-distancing, it’s natural to want to eat comfort foods more than usual or have an extra glass of wine every night. Many of us are turning to home-based workouts to compensate for our limited movement and our increase in calorie intake. However, this isn’t going to be very effective if your cortisol is higher than usual. In fact, you might make things worse in the long run.

To lower cortisol naturally, you need a multi-pronged approach that targets sleep, nutrition, physical activity, parasympathetic activities (e.g. meditation), and immune-boosting habits. The ANTI-ANXIETY LIFESTYLE & NUTRITION PROTOCOL is a step-by-step daily routine that addresses all of these factors. Here’s what it includes:

  1. A sleeping plan to get the best, natural restorative sleep.
  2. A detailed morning routine that incorporates parasympathetic activities, immune-boosting rituals, and physical exercise.
  3. A list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy.
  4. A meal template that includes food quantities for those who’s caloric intake falls within 1,500 and 2,200 calories.
  5. Simple food combos – no complex recipes.
  6. A list of supplements (there’s only 3!) and when to take them.
  7. A MIX-‘N’-MATCH list of foods to enjoy variety

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Hi, I'm Patrick Owen!

I help people experience the best version of themselves using ancestral and functional dietary patterns and lifestyles.

Keto – Paleo – Primal – HFLC – Low Carb – Intermittent Fasting

I have a Ph.D. in Nutrition and use an evidence-based, functional and evolutionary approach that is based on your body type, ancestry, and life history!

Are you ready to adopt a diet & lifestyle designed for you by nature?

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Why does an ancestral approach work?

The blueprint for your body has been written in the past and is affected by the present. A functional approach considers all aspects of your life that affect you:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sunlight Exposure
  • Mobility, and more.

We’re all different and we have different sensitivities to each lifestyle factor. The exciting challenge is to find the right combination that is optimal for YOUR body so that your environment and lifestyle are perfectly aligned. Health is therefore a matter of following the rules set out by your genetic heritage using modern-day strategies to achieve alignment.

Functional nutrition works because it addresses how your body was DESIGNED.


A Carb-Addict’s Guide to Keto!

Trying to lose weight can be near-impossible if you’re battling a sweet tooth or carb addiction. This 30 day protocol begins with an intense first week that is guaranteed to get you into deep ketosis and free of cravings. If you’re unable to go for an entire week without eating carbs or sweets, this is the meal plan for you!

I’ve had incredible success with this protocol in the last year, with clients losing between 10 and 75 pounds in 6 months. I’m launching it online and forming a challenge 4 times per year!

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50 Foods you think are healthy BUT AREN’T!!

I compile a list of 50 foods that you might think are healthy, but I prove that they’re not! I also include my 50 foods that I believe you’re avoiding or not eating enough of. Some are exotic, some have unjustly been given a bad rap, and some are just plain gross. Yet these are some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Get the e-book and challenge yourself to trying each food that deserves your love and attention.

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Books I've co-authored.

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Learn how to identify wild plants and how they were used traditionally as foods and medicines. Their modern pharmaceutical applications, methods of preparation and folkloric significance are also included! Don’t go hiking without this beautiful full-colour field guide from Lone Pine!

I teamed up with two world-class chefs and provided current scientific research behind some of today’s most popular superfoods. Despite the media hype, some foods do provide added physiological benefits beyond supplying nutrients. The recipes included here are some of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted!

This fantastic collection of academic papers explores the intersection between foods and medicines in traditional cultures. I wrote chapter 2 based on my research in Tibet. I explore the unique physiological adaptions of Tibetan Highlanders to their high altitude environment and how this could affect their ability to thrive on a diet high in fat and sodium, and low in fruits and vegetables.

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When I started working with Patrick I was desperate to lose weight. I was training regularly at the gym but eating whatever I wanted. At the time I was working and going to university and no time to take care of myself. Patrick created a non-judgmental environment that I felt comfortable tackling my weight problem head on. He doesn’t have a quick fix recipe because one doesn’t exist. It takes hard work and dedication from both you and your nutritionist to reach your goal. Patrick explained to me that when approaching nutrition you have to look at it as a three leg stool to get the whole picture. The first leg represents food, the second sleep, and the third is fitness. He offers guidance and direction on all three of these.
His nutrition plan is tailored to my needs given my current lifestyle. Everyone is different which is why
there is no cookie cutter plan for everyone.  Even to this day my nutrition plan changes to help
achieve the goals I am striving for.
I never knew how important sleep was until I went to see Patrick. He said if I don’t sleep enough I am
sabotaging all my results. Blocking blue light is one of the keys I learned to sleep well. I even cover the led light on the clock and tv. Not sleeping leads to you not recovering properly from the day before and it can also raise your cortisol levels (stress hormone). High cortisol levels lead to fat storage which is counter productive to both muscle gain and weight loss.
Although many of us think fitness makes up the big percentage of our success, in reality it is the smallest portion of the success which, before going to see Patrick, I learned the hard way. Train as much as you want but don’t sleep and don’t eat properly and don’t expect results.
Patrick’s approach is unique and something I’ve never seen anywhere else. With other nutritionists, you get a cookie-cutter meal plan and sent on your way. With Patrick, he’ll never give up. There is always an answer to everything and with you as a client, Patrick will find the solution.
Working with Patrick, I managed to loose 45 pounds and 12% body fat to date. Although there is always room for improvement, I am extremely proud and grateful for my success. 


Pat seriously knows his stuff! Unlike so many “nutritionists”, he won’t give you a one size fits all program or generic fad diet. Taking all things into consideration he’ll help you come up with a plan to change your lifestyle and the way you think about food for the better.


A few months ago, I went through a pretty big breakup. I was depressed, eating garbage, and weighed close to 200 pounds. I also suffered from back pain and hip pain, which made my favourite sport of Jiu Jitsu really hard to do. I needed to make a change, so I reached out to Pat, and told him I wanted to get in shape. He helped me plan my diet and exercise routine according to my goals, and after 3 months of following his plan, I’m now in the best shape of my life. I took silver in a recent Jiu Jitsu competition, and my back pain has been nearly eradicated. I’m also walking around at 175 now. Which is awesome. His comprehensive assessments and continuous support made it much easier to stick with this lifestyle. Just wanted to say a thank you to Pat Owen for getting me where I needed to be.


Such an amazing man! I am only on day 1 of the keto eating lifestyle and Patrick has already helped me tremendously. I sat down with him for over an hour and he answered all my questions and concerns and gave me a meal plan and all the guidance I need. 
Even on my first day he has answered all my messages and has given me guidance. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me and other ways Patrick can help me get to a better healthier, fitter me.
A wonderful man !! Thank you already !!


I’m an expert on how to lose fat for people who can’t lose fat.

As a self-admitted carb addict, I know how hard it is to lose fat. Many of us can eat super healthy wholesome foods yet never shed a pound. To understand why we’re so unlucky, we need to understand what fat was designed to do.

Fat is a survival tissue.

Fat is a hormone-sensitive tissue that is designed to improve your chances of survival for when things get tough. Many of us are genetically hardwired to seek out carbs as a way to add on some padding to survive a winter or period of scarcity. Our brains provide huge incentives to seek out carbs:

  • They boost our mood after a hard day’s work.
  • They give us energy to stay awake after a bad night’s sleep.
  • They provide pleasure when we go through a stressful period.

Winter never comes

In our modern world of year-round food availability, winter never actually comes. Carbs are the ONLY nutrient that is seasonally available, and their presence in our diet signifies a never-ending summer. Consequently, we’re able to pack on fat in a never-ending manner.

The best way to unlock fat is by using our inherent mechanisms to simulate a period of low carb availability. That’s why low-carb diets have been shown to be an effective weight loss strategy!

When Low Carb Diets Don’t Work.

I you’re like me, my relationship with carbs is like a drug. Forget moderation – either I abstain from it and lose weight, or I overdo it and gain weight. And when I deny my brains of carbs for too long, no amount of willpower is going to stop it from seeking it out. Even the “healthy” carbs like sweet potatoes and fruits will make it difficult for me to lose weight, and might even act as a gateway drug to the harder stuff like cookies and ice cream!

Sound familiar?

The most important player is your brain.

For those who know what food addiction or carb addiction feels like, you know how it’s almost impossible to stick to ANY healthy eating plan. You may do really well for several weeks or months, but eventually, you’ll slingshot back to your old habits.

That’s because your brain is in survival mode.

Any survivalist will tell you that the most basic thing you need to survive are food, water, weapons, and medicine. The body does the EXACT SAME THING. It becomes more efficient at storing body fat as an energy source. It retains water and causes you to feel bloated. It increases inflammation, with both protects you from pathogens and causes you harm.

So how do you convince your brain that everything is totally fine?

You need to convince your gut first.

Your gut microbiome communicates with your brain at all times. The signals they send depend on their diversity and distribution, which are heavily influenced by your genetics, diet and lifestyle. If you start a low-carb diet, they are the first ones to know about it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Address carb addiction by using a ketogenic diet.
  2. This very low carb / high fat diet will modify the diversity and distribution of gut bacteria.
  3. The new microbiome will send the brain signals that dietary carbs are unavailable or limited. However, this plentiful fat can be used as alternative high-energy fuel.
  4. The body will produce more fat-metabolizing enzymes and less carb-metabolizing ones.
  5. Your brain will start accepting ketones as an energy source while the rest of your body uses stored body fat. This will change the way you experience hunger and allow you to easily manage carb cravings.
  6. Once your body is fat-adapted, you can re-introduce Paleo-friendly carbs in a cyclical manner.
  7. Monitor how your body and mood react to re-introduced foods and adjust accordingly.

Want to know how to apply this process in a practical and manageable way?

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More Testimonials…!

I had tried may different diets over the past years, and none of them really worked out for me. Patrick made me realize what I was doing wrong – it was more of a lifestyle change that I needed, and not another fad diet. With Patrick’s help, I was able to develop a proper routine and am well on my way to reaching my goals. Have lost 60 lbs so far, but most importantly, feeling great both physically and mentally. Thanks Patrick !


Dr. Patrick Owen provided excellent, life changing health programs to me and patients I worked with. Learning about nutrition is a daily ritual and sometimes a struggle. Thankfully, I can rely on Dr.Owen’s expertise.