An evidence-based protocol to reduce stress via sleep optimization, nutrition, supplementation, and a solid morning routine.



If stress is keeping you from losing weight, gaining muscle, or getting a good night’s rest, then this is the perfect protocol for you. The plan includes:

  1. A detailed morning routine that promotes self-discipline, resilience, and mindfulness.
  2. A meal plan designed to promote fat loss and boost melatonin production.
  3. A list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy.
  4. A meal template that shows what foods you can have and how much.
  5. A routine to get the best quality sleep of your life
  6. Suggested supplements (there’s only 2!) and when to take them

To get your cortisol rhythm back to normal, you need to address your circadian rhythm, your nutrition, and your physical activity levels. You also need to reduce stimulation to your sympathetic nervous system and practice parasympathetic activities. This multi-pronged approach to reduce anxiety and stress works because it uses an evidence-based, functional medical model.

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