Foods you avoid BUT SHOULDN’T Part 2: BACONWhy we avoid it:

The iconic ‘greasy’ food is avoided because it is ultra fatty and ultra salty, making it enemy No. 1 for most cardiologists and high blood-pressure patients.

Why we should eat it:

Bacon was once vilified because of its saturated fat and cholesterol content, but we now know that these aren’t all that bad for us. Dietary cholesterol has minimal effects on blood cholesterol levels and isn’t going to give you a heart attack. As for saturated fat, recent long-term studies haven’t found an association with high blood cholesterol levels or heart disease. In fact, a Japanese prospective study that followed 58,000 men for about 14 years actually found an inverse association between saturated fat intake and stroke. The salt, however, is a problem. With about 1 gram of salt per 3.5 oz serving, bacon can be an issue depending on your size, blood pressure and physical tolerance. If you refrain from abusing the salt shaker and stay away from obscene salt bombs like movie popcorn and processed foods, then bacon can be a welcome addition to your healthy diet. If possible, choose organic or pastured pork that’s antibiotic and hormone-free.