Catfish are ugly bottom-feeders that suck on pond muck. Many people consider them a “junk” fish. Many avid fishermen will admit that the best thing to do when you realize you’ve got a catfish on the line is to just cut the line. Besides, nuggets are the leftover flesh chunks after the beautiful filets have been cut out. It’s the junk part of the junk fish.


They may not be as pretty as filets but they’re also not nearly so expensive. Catfish nuggets are an incredibly affordable fish option if you don’t like the usual price tag on fish. You can buy a large package of raw catfish nuggets for about $2 and feed a family with it. As bottom-feeders, catfish filter all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the rocks and debris and take it up into their bodies. Consider them concentrated vitamin pills with fins and whiskers. As fish, they’re high in complete protein, low in calories and are a great source of ultra-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They are also very high in vitamin B12, important in preventing heart disease and maintaining a smooth-running metabolism. There are several ways to prepare catfish nuggets, but stay away from any recipe that serves them breaded or fried.